You can set up php to run from console if it doesn't already, and add an 
alias to your mail server ("stocks") which would parse the incoming mail 
and do the appropriate deeds.


M wrote:
> Hello People:
> I have my pages built in PHP / Mysql, all working ok, but now I need
> solve a problem I don't know how to solve or even how search about. Case
> this problem was already discussed in this list, I would be grateful if
> someone pass to me correct date so I can search about.
> My problem is very simple: I have customers who dont want enter into
> html pages to retrieve some info (suppose info are stock values), but
> rather they want to send email with formatted query into mail subject
> (or at least in body) , and then receive response again by email.
> For instance, customer could send this for [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> subject: name=ibm, year=2001
> body: (empty)
> In response, he should receive an email with all IBM stock prices day by
> day.
> That't all, I hope this will have solution, but I can't figure how email
> could communicate automatically with PHP/Mysql.
> Thanks
> Miguel

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