Here si some code that I used YEARS ago, and I think it was posted to this
list for me in the first place.

It was designed to grab some pseudo mark language from a text file like:

<TITLE>An article about PHP</TITLE>
This is my article text
<FOOTER>This is my footer</FOOTER>
<COPYRIGHT>Copyright me 2002</COPYRIGHT>

AI have NO IDEA how is works with multiple occurrences of one of the tags,
but in theory, you should be able to massage this code to look for a DIV, or
even DIV id=xxx.

$file = "data/something/blah.txt";

    $content = join( '', file('data/products/'.$id.'.cont'));
    $content = ereg_replace("\n","",$content);
    $content = ereg_replace("\t","",$content);
    $content = ereg_replace("\r","",$content);
$tags = array(
    'TITLE' => '', 
    'TEXT' => '',
    'FOOTER' => '',
    'COPYRIGHT' => ''
for (reset($tags); $tag = key($tags); next($tags))
    if (ereg('<'.$tag.'>(.*)</'.$tag.'>', $content, $patterns))
        $tags[$tag] = $patterns[1];
echo "<B>{$tags['TITLE']}</B><BR>{$tags['COPYRIGHT']}<BR><BR>";
echo "{$tags['TEXT']}<BR><BR>{$tags['FOOTER']}";

At the very least, this should be proof of concept that ereg WILL probably
do what you want.

Even taking just a snippet from it, We can see that you might easily get
what you want:

$content = "This is my <DIV>favourite thing</DIV> to do";

if(ereg('<DIV>(.*)</DIV>', $content, $patterns))
    $divContent = $patterns[1];

echo $divContent;


This should echo "favourite thing".

Have fun,


on 16/08/02 2:44 AM, Jay Blanchard ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

> [snip]
> I asked this question a while ago, and I am still seeking clarification,
> I fooled with ereg_replace and they only do a piece of what I want, I
> would like to know how to keep only a chunk of text defined between 2
> tags let's say, <div> and </div> and ignore everything else, I also have
> to search and replace certain tags between, but I know how to do that
> with ereg_replace. So can anyone help me echo only what is between the
> div tags? Please?
> [/snip]
> Why not take the the beginning <div>, everything in the middle, and the end
> </div> tag and explode() them into an array and then get what you want and
> write it out? I didn't see your originl post and don't know if there was
> more detail available, but I hope this helps.
> Jay
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