Yeah, I'm scared...

Please excuse me but may I say that it seems like you've sent some wrong 
info to the wrong mailing list?

I use PHP NOT ASP, I use MySQL or PostgreSQL or Oracle but NOT M$ SQL 
Server. And IIS? Of course, some people use it (perhaps) because of some 
unavoidable circumstances but I don't--I use Apache NOT IIS.

Of course, there's nothing bad about being cautious... However, please send 
some links (or documents) that are more relevant...

Thanks anyway, now *I* have something to scare my friends... ;)

- E

>Please CC me as I'm on digest:
>Are there any libraries for data validation available? If one reads
>papers like these:
>It becomes apparent that sites using databases are incredibly open to
>attack because of the ingenuity of the attackers. I think there should
>be a PHPGuardLib or something. After reading those articles, I plan on
>filtering ALL input for semi-cololons and 'chr(' character strings. In
>the cases where I want to accept apostrophes, I'm going to be very
>Also, are there any attacks to email programs on linux that can be done
>through input forms?
>PS, for those who think escaping user input only on apostrophes, THINK
>AGAIN! And read the aticles above.
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MSN Hotmail è il provider email più grande al mondo… cosa aspetti a farti un 

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