on 17/08/02 12:08 PM, Daren Cotter ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I highly doubt there are very many websites that need
> to send 50,000+ emails daily that are still existing
> on shared servers.

The problem would still likely be there for mailing lists of 2000 people.  I
just don't want people to see your post and think "woo-hoo", I've found the
answer to all my problems!!

This is *a* solution, but not the best for the majority of developers.

Justin French

> In any case, no, this is not a solution for people
> like that. The first step they need to take is a
> dedicated server.
> I posted my comments because after a very long time of
> research, I have found no better way of doing what I'm
> doing.

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