On 08/16/2002 11:22 PM, Jason Wong wrote:
> I run a qmail server. When I send out newsletters, I run a query and extract 
> the mailing addresses I need. Then I build a .qmail file (similar to 
> sendmail's alias file), and finally I send mail to that .qmail (alias). The 
> mail is queued once and all recipients listed in the .qmail file gets a copy. 
> It is a solution that works for me so don't tell me that that is a virtual 
> solution :)
> The fact is that a solution that relies solely on PHP would probably be too 
> slow, unreliable and messy.

I also use qmail but I don't use any .qmail file. I just use 
qmail-inject puting all receipients in BCC. It always takes less than 3 
seconds. What really takes some time is the extraction of addresses from 
a SQL database.


Manuel Lemos

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