Jerry wrote:
> I kind of hate it when sites do this, but you could have the first page 
> reload itself if it doesn't have an SID, and add an SID to itself. This 
> way, if they use the back button, the first "first page" they come to 
> has the SID.

But if they it the back button again they would come to the real first 
they came to and that page would reload itself, generating a new SID no?

I did some testing and found that there must be a way.

I turned cookies and javascript off and then visited I added 
an item to my cart, hit the back button all way back to the entrance and 
then checked my cart ... lo-and-behold the item was in my cart still. 
How did they do that?

Maybe some use of header() on the first page to redirect itslef to page 
with a SID?


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