Hi all.  For a universal form script I'm writing I want to store a 'Y' in a
table field if a checkbox is checked and an 'N' if it's not.  The problem is
that when the form is posted if the checkbox is not checked the checkbox
variable is not passed.  E.g.

<form method=POST action=submit.php>
<input type=checkbox name=my_checkbox_var value=Y>

If the checkbox is checked, I get $_POST['my_checkbox_var'] == 'Y', but if
not $_POST['my_checkbox_var'] is not even set.  So what I've been doing is
putting the variable names of the checkbox fields into an array, serializing
it, and then pass the string as a hidden input on the form.  Then in the
page that handles the POST I unserialize the array to determine if checkbox
fields were passed and then handle accordingly.  But I'm wondering is there
a better way (or at least a standard way) of doing this?


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