on 17/08/02 4:01 PM, Jean-Christian Imbeault ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

>> One (hackish) solution to this is to cause the entrance page to
>> immediately redirect to itself using either PHP's header function, or a
>> meta refresh.  Your goal here is to make it so that hitting back from a
>> secondary page would take you to the post-refreshed entrance page which
>> has the session ID.
> Ok. Can you explain this in more detail? I understand the concept you
> are suggesting but I can't picture how to do this in PHP.

Something like:

If there isn't a session, start one and redirect to the same page WITH the
session id, otherwise just continue the session.

In theory, you should always get a session ID in the URL of startpage.php.

But I can't stress enough, this is all theory -- the code hasn't been tested
at all... nor particularly thought through :)


<? // untested code

    header("Location: startpage.php?PHPSESSID=".session_id())

Justin French

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