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Subject: [PHP] Random Passwords Generator

> Hi all. I know there must be several ways of doing this but I wonder
> what the best solution is. I'm tired of making and looking at scripts
> that creates random passwords for users from a "words.txt" list. These
> kind of passwords are limited only to the number of strange words your
> fingers type into a file, for which I think it's not the most secure way
> of giving away new passwords. I know there are other types of password
> generating scripts, but I want to know from the users of this list which
> would be the best one.
> I think that pre-made passwords (choose randomly) are dangerous, because
> most users DO NOT change their given password once received and hackers
> CAN access that words.txt file no matter what level of protection you
> use for that server/folder.
> Isn't there a function or something that would generate random passwords
> following given rules like:
> - from x to y characters long.
> - lower AND/OR upper case.
> - numbers AND characters combination.
> - random numbers AND characters.
> Which are the functions (or combination of functions) I can use to
> achieve this? Thanks in advance,
> Cesar Aracena
> On Dial-Up
> Neuquen, Argentina
> +54.299.6356688
> +54.299.4466621
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