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> Soon, I will be transferring my site to go on-line with my IP. Since I've
> never managed anything off-site, I have a very fundamental question:
> What are the usual procedures with respect to maintaining a site, that is,
> accessing the PostgreSQL database for corrections, deletions, etc?

I personally would create a user-friendly front end to enable changes
online...  In the long run this would save time...  (I'd obviously code in
I would not want to continuously be loading and uploading and remodifying
record changes as that would be time consuming in the long run...
As your DB grows, obviously time taken to keep transferring the
files via ftp (I am assuming as most hosts have this capability) would
keep increasing though by a small factor but eventually this all adds
up and becomes an inconvinnience...  Obviously another thing to keep
in mind is that most of the hosts I have seen in Canada are on a
UNIX platform so if you are to create a user -friendly front end for
yourself you will have to be familiar with the UNIX chmod settings
i.e keep in mind writable scripts will have to be set to 666
and this would usually require familiarity with SSH as that would be
how you would alter the settings (its all online)...  Anywayz as
you are using PHP you are probably already familiar with UNIX
tools and utilities...  (Which may not even be necessary as
some hosts run the insecure MS Web Server software hence run
on a MS platform risking defacement)...

Anywayz, those are just my views on the issue...

> One idea that occured to me:  mirror the site here, complete with
> and modify stuff at this end, then upload to the IP. Or should I create
> form of management code that would allow me, using php, to access and
> the stuff on-line. I've looked at Zope, Midguard, and another one, but
> seem like over-kill (and I would have to change a lot of my code to use
> I would appreciate any input pointing how I should proceed -- I'm a total
> newbie in this area. Any pointers, or where to look, would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Tia,
> Andre

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