I'm usually weeks, or month ahead of myself.  The code I have in my local
environment is looking forward towards knew features, new ideas, etc etc.
Every week or two I grab a mirror of the online database (or I could connect
straight to it of course), and WHEN new code is ready to upload, I do it via

If I had a LOT of uploads, I'd write something that does it for me,
comparing dates or something.

I do have a web-based control panel & content management system for some
sections of some sites, allowing me (or the client) to add / edit / delete /
arrange some content...

End of the day, it's each to their own -- but I know that I wouldn't want to
be directly editing live code, data or modules on the fly.  I like to work
on a mirror, test, test, test, upload, test.

Justin French

on 21/08/02 10:11 PM, Andre Dubuc ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Soon, I will be transferring my site to go on-line with my IP. Since I've
> never managed anything off-site, I have a very fundamental question:
> What are the usual procedures with respect to maintaining a site, that is,
> accessing the PostgreSQL database for corrections, deletions, etc?
> One idea that occured to me:  mirror the site here, complete with database,
> and modify stuff at this end, then upload to the IP. Or should I create some
> form of management code that would allow me, using php, to access and modify
> the stuff on-line. I've looked at Zope, Midguard, and another one, but they
> seem like over-kill (and I would have to change a lot of my code to use them).
> I would appreciate any input pointing how I should proceed -- I'm a total
> newbie in this area. Any pointers, or where to look, would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Tia,
> Andre

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