Hi all.

This confirms what I suspected.

The hash algrithm:

I have a directory structure: dirs 0 - f, and within each of these, the same
dir structure 0 - f.
When an image gets uploaded into the library, do an md5sum of the file, take
the first 2 chars of that hash
and there's your path. e.g

I'm not sure what the mathematical randomness of this is, but I'm sure it's
pretty random, and the chances
of collision should be virtually null, the only time you should overwrite a
file is if you upload the exact same file(?)
Is there a better way of doing this?



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> Subject: Re: [PHP] Image library
> on 21/08/02 9:45 PM, Scott Houseman ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > Which way would be the most efficient/fastest to access images
> from an image
> > library.
> > A) Store image files in a hash directory structure AND storing
> each file's
> > information in a mysql table
> > OR
> > B) Storing image information in mysql table AND storing the
> image in a BLOB
> > field in that table.
> >From all accounts I've read on this list, a database is not
> usually faster
> than a filesystem.  And for large amounts of files, like 1000's,
> a hash will
> speed it up more.
> > The way I see it, considerations to be taken into acount:
> > - Is it quicker/better to retrieve image from table & then stream out to
> > browser OR simply direct the browser to the file?
> > i.e <IMG SRC="/imagelib/image.php?iImageID=10"> OR <IMG
> > SRC="/imagelib/5/f/10">
> > - Will a database OR filesystem be more scalable i.e. which wil perform
> > better when there are 10000 images in the libary?
> Filesystem should be quicker.  You need to think about how you hash the
> files up for the most even spread of files in each directory I guess.
> Justin

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