I have a calendar application that shows events in a month.  I want to add the ability 
to have re-occuring events.  I've been thinking about how to do that, but it's not 
seeming to be too easy.  

Say, I have a table of re-occuring events:
eventId int
eventName varchar
eventStartDate date
eventEndDate date
eventOccuranceType enum(weekly, monthly, daily)
eventInterval int
eventDOW int

Should I populate the actual events table with re-occuring events at 
insert/update/delete times, or should I code the event listing page to determine if 
there are events that would occur in the month shown? The first way would be costly at 
insert time, and may add lots of events that will never occur -- plus one can't go on 
forever, so at some point, it seems, it would have to do the second way anyway.   The 
second way, is costly at page view time.  With a small number of re-occurring events, 
that probably wouldn't be an issue, but as the calendar usage grows, I can see that 
becoming resource costly.  

Is there a better way?

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