I have two server.  One running PHP/Linux the other running ASP/2000.
The user logins into the PHP server and session variables are made to hold
their username, password, department, etc..  The site from time to time
redirect the user to the ASP server.  I want to pass the session variable
across to the other server.  I can't use the GET method.
(www.domain.com/form.asp?username=Mark.....) because putting the password on
the address bar is not an option.  The ASP server will redirect them back
when they are done on it. It will pass back the variables just in case the
session on the PHP server has expired for the PHP server can create a new
session if needed.

I don't want to use a cookie.

I was thinking of using cURL but I can't fine any information about using it
in ASP.  I know how to use cURL in PHP to redirect the user to the ASP
server and pass the variables in the POST method, but not the other way.

Any ideas would be a GREAT help.

Mark McCulligh, Application Developer / Analyst
Sykes Canada Corporation www.SykesCanada.com

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