> Thanks Bob,
> Got a 404: File not Found. Checked the ssl_error_log as suggested, and
> a rather interesting entry:

> "No such file: /var/www/html/var/www/secure/test.php"

Ahhh - ok - I thought you were including them internally from PHP.  You are
actually linking to the file being SERVED by the web server in HTML.   IN
this case, all you need to do is reference to it as

First of all, we need to understand this. We have two seperate servers here,
the unix server that apache is running on and the apache server (this runs
PHP, the secure server etc) itself.

So... your normal website (served by the apache server) is at

BUT 'files.php' is located ON THE UNIX SERVER as /var/www/html/files.php

The /var/www/html/ is the UNIX path to the file.  The users who are using
your APACHE server to get file do not see this in anyway.  All they see is
what is in the root directory, ie, /var/www/html from http://mywebsite.com/,
this is exactly the same for the secure server, except the served files are

Success in this depends on what you are trying to do.  Are you trying to
secure files that contain information like your database passwords?  Or are
you just trying to run PHP scripts that produce HTML on  a secure server (so
that you can take credit card details from the remote users?).

If you are trying to hide scripts with important information (ie, passwords)
then running a secure server will not work.  They will STILL be available
from the internet, just at https://mywebsite/myfilewithapassword.php.  This
is not easily explained and I don't want to spend time going into it if its
not what you're after, but if this is what you are doing, let me know and
I'll help out.

If you are just trying to encrypted the data from the server to the user,
then you are doing the right thing, you just need to lose the
/var/www/secure/ in the https:// address.

> Obviously it's goes to DOCUMENT_ROOT (pre-pending the/var/www/html) and
> what I've asked for. So, how do I tell it where to look, and not the
> setting?
> How am I including them? Well, most of the action occurs from the menu so
> it's:
> <a href="https://localhost/var/www/secure/test.php";>Testing for Bugs</a>
> (I've also tried                 /secure/test.php
> Any ideas what I'm messing up?

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