Another possibility might be to open a persistent http connection so the update would 
be in realtime instead of intervals of x seconds and with a cronjob it might as well 
be periodically *g*
search for fsockopen() or 'persistant http conection'

I can confirm Yamins answer also as a much easier way, as long as you are not trying 
to make a _good_ phpchat.

greetz Jochen

P.S. This is my first post in this mailinglist :)

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On 22.08.02 at 15:44 Yamin Prabudy wrote:

>your pages should be dynamic, meaning every time user open your page it
>on getting data from table
>how about using the Meta tags from html it will refresh you page in x
>(define x as you need)
><meta http-equiv="refresh" content="x">
>On Thursday 22 August 2002 02:01 pm, Budi Kelana wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I want to make a web page that can retrive data from my tables
>> automatically, periodically.
>> Does PHP have some timer control ?
>> I know we can do with JavaScript (setInterval() or setTimeOut()) but I
>> cann't  join java script with PHP.
>> I've tried make simple script with JavaScript to open new window that
>> contain PHP script for show current time every 5 seconds.
>> function showData() {
>>   newWindow = Window.open('data.php','screen');
>> }
>> function loadData() {
>>   setInterval('showData()','5000')
>> }
>> data.php :
>> <?
>>   echo date("l dS of F Y h:i:s A");
>> ?>
>> in result, data.php will reload every 5 seconds, but it doesn't change.
>> Can someone help me and give me suggestion ?
>> TIA
>> regards,
>> Budi Kelana
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