>I am getting the following error message for :
>  $link=mysql_connect("localhost","$user","$pass"); // line 34
>Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_connect() in 
/home/www/test.somename.org/aux/db-mod.php on line 34
>I have used this call successfully on php v4.0.6, and am now trying it on 
a new install (which someone else did, as I haven't a clue in setting up a 
server) which is v4.1.1.  Is mysql_connect a defunct command, or do I need 
to do something to enable its use?

Perhaps, if you check the manual you'll see if a certain function is 
already "defunct".

Checking mysql_connect() here,


shows that it's even "better" than before.

So, most probably, when the person who set up the server didn't include 
mysql support in php. It'd be better to ask the person to enable it.

BTW, you can do phpinfo() and see if mysql support is enabled or not. (Of 
course, you also need to check IF MySQL is even installed...)

- E

>Thanks for any help.

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