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...and then Gregory Barker said...
% Hi all,


% I'm trying include .php files which reside in alternative directories or
% sub-directories. Such as a file which reside in www/chat/page.php, and for
% this page I would like to include a file which resides in www/forum/include/

That can definitely be done.

% I've tried the following which just results in a error:
% include '/forum/include/test.php'; aqnd multiple variations of it.

Ah, but you're using the website-based path instead of the actual path in
the filesystem.  You're not including a URL, but a file, so you should
spell it out.

% How do I get around this problem?

The simplest way to start is to just give the full path:

  include /path/to/site/www/forum/include/test.php ;

although that begins to be cumbersome once you start including lots of
stuff from here and there.  You might simplify it a bit and just

  include $_SERVER[DOCUMENT_ROOT]/forum/include/test.php ;

to make your code reusable in any web site dir, since the variable will
expand to whatever the doc root is (like /path/to/site/www).  You might
want to be even more general, though, and pull something from the parent
directory; you might use

  $currdir = getcwd() ;
  include $currdir . "/../parentdirfile.php" ;

to do that.

As always, RTFM.  See "Directory functions" and "Filesystem functions"
for starters on this type of task.

% Greg


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