Having a little trouble with converting dates.

I have, in my database, a bunch of dates stored like this: YYYY-M. Month is
obviously the number of the month (5), not the name (May).

I want to convert the format to MMM, YYYY (ex: May, 2002), so I used the
mktime function. Basically I extract the date with a regular MySQL query,
then explode the date, and my components look great. However, when I put the
components into my mktime function, sometimes it'll work and sometimes it
won't. It won't work if the date is too far off in the future (2085, etc.),
but I'm not exactly sure what the cutoff is. If it's recent, say 2005, it
works fine.

My code is this (after grabbing the query results):
$enddate = explode("-", $datereuslt[0]);
$fullenddate = mktime(0, 0, 0, $enddate[1], 0, $enddate[0]);
$finaldate = date("M, Y", $fullenddate);

Any ideas? Alternatively, if anyone has an easier way of doing this, I'm all

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