> mktime generally only works thru 2037.  Why not create an array of the
> months, and index in:
> $months = array('Jan','Feb',....);
> $enddate = explode("-", $datereuslt[0]);
> $finaldate =  $months[$enddate-1] . "-$enddate[1]";

That's what I thought I might have to do. It's an alternative, but a clunky
one. Thanks Matt.

<<mktime() will not work beyond mid-August of 2038 on 32-bit machines.>>

And there's the confirmation from Richard. It actually goes back to 1969.

Thanks also to David and anyone else I missed. I'm going to try the MySQL
date format that Richard and Matt suggested. But, if all else fails, I'll go
with the array that they suggested, as well.

Thanks again, guys.

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