>I'm not certain this is the right place to ask, but here goes.  For security
>reasons I have placed certain document files in a directory outside my web
>root. There are many types of files included (e.g. jpg, gif, txt, pdf, xls,
>doc, mdb, ppt, and dwg).  Clicking links on my web page will download the
>files through a php script (getdocfile.php) into a new pop-up window.  The
>following is how I have coded the link:
><a href='#' target="_blank"
>onclick="window.open('../getdocfile.php?file=<?php echo
>false"><?php echo $DrawingGroups->Value("is_viewable")?></a>
>Problem: The download fails with IE5.5 when trying to retrieve files other
>than jpg, gif, txt, and pdf.  One of the following happens depending on
>whether or not I force the download dialog box for the file to appear:
>(Note: I force the download dialog by commenting out the appropriate mime
>types in the code below)

IE is stupid.

Really, really stupid.

Not that Netscape is any smarter, or anything, but IE is really really
really stupid.

In particular, their hack to have embedded documents in a browser and stuff
rely on the URL of the thing being downloaded and when you start crossing
that with your .php URL and JavaScript's popup windows, all hell breaks
loose, as you've noted.

Things you *might* try:
1. Rename the getdocfile.php to getdocfile.htm and force Apache to make it a
PHP file.

2. Get rid of the ?file= part, and just use
/<?=$DrawingGroups->Value('filename')?> and then use $path_info in your
getdocfile.htm script instead of $_GET['file']

3. Whoops.  2. conflicts with 3.  You maybe be "stuck" with something really
stupid like using:
/<?=str_replace('.', '_', $DrawingGroups->Value('filename')?>.htm and then
inside of getdocfile.htm you'll need to de-construct the foo_pdf.htm back
into foo.pdf to get the file you actually want.
Yes, your URLs will now look very strange, but remember how stupid IE is? 
It's really stupid.

4. You may even need to go so far as to have the popup window have a META
tag to re-locate to the actual document you want, so that only an HTML
document is the first thing to appear in the popup window.  Again, IE is
really stupid, and as soon as you cross a popup with a non-HTML document (of
certain types you have begun to discover empirically) it screws up.

I never have figured out which/why/when IE screws up popups with non-HTML
content and don't really care cuz I hate popups...  But it's a known issue,
and there's not much you can do about it other than make IE happy by
following the adage:  "Don't do that."

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