Richard Lynch responded
Monday, August 26, 2002 3:28 PM
to Roger Lewis

>I'm not certain this is the right place to ask, but here goes.  For
> >reasons I have placed certain document files in a directory outside my
> >root. There are many types of files included (e.g. jpg, gif, txt, pdf,
> >doc, mdb, ppt, and dwg).  Clicking links on my web page will download the
> >files through a php script (getdocfile.php) into a new pop-up window.
> >following is how I have coded the link:
> >
> ><a href='#' target="_blank"
> >onclick="'../getdocfile.php?file=<?php echo
> >$DrawingGroups->Value("filename")?>',
> >'_blank','resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,width=700,height=500');return
> >false"><?php echo $DrawingGroups->Value("is_viewable")?></a>
> >
> >
> >Problem: The download fails with IE5.5 when trying to retrieve files
> >than jpg, gif, txt, and pdf.  One of the following happens depending on
> >whether or not I force the download dialog box for the file to appear:
> >(Note: I force the download dialog by commenting out the appropriate mime
> >types in the code below)
> IE is stupid.
> Really, really stupid.
> Not that Netscape is any smarter, or anything, but IE is really really
> really stupid.
> In particular, their hack to have embedded documents in a browser and
> rely on the URL of the thing being downloaded and when you start crossing
> that with your .php URL and JavaScript's popup windows, all hell breaks
> loose, as you've noted.
> Things you *might* try:
> 1. Rename the getdocfile.php to getdocfile.htm and force Apache to make it
> PHP file.
> 2. Get rid of the ?file= part, and just use
> /<?=$DrawingGroups->Value('filename')?> and then use $path_info in your
> getdocfile.htm script instead of $_GET['file']
> 3. Whoops.  2. conflicts with 3.  You maybe be "stuck" with something
> stupid like using:
> /<?=str_replace('.', '_', $DrawingGroups->Value('filename')?>.htm and then
> inside of getdocfile.htm you'll need to de-construct the foo_pdf.htm back
> into foo.pdf to get the file you actually want.
> Yes, your URLs will now look very strange, but remember how stupid IE is?
> It's really stupid.
> 4. You may even need to go so far as to have the popup window have a META
> tag to re-locate to the actual document you want, so that only an HTML
> document is the first thing to appear in the popup window.  Again, IE is
> really stupid, and as soon as you cross a popup with a non-HTML document
> certain types you have begun to discover empirically) it screws up.
> I never have figured out which/why/when IE screws up popups with non-HTML
> content and don't really care cuz I hate popups...  But it's a known
> and there's not much you can do about it other than make IE happy by
> following the adage:  "Don't do that."


Did you see my reply to your recent response to David Buerer in "Re: set
filename of file open/download"?

After searching everything I could find on the subject, and hours of trying
as many combinations of headers as I could think of, I got everything to
work the way I wanted in "both" IE and NN.  The pop-up pops up. The jpg and
pdf, etc. files open in the windows.  If it's an xls or some such file, the
dialog asks if I want to save or open.  Whatever my response, it knows the
filename and behaves as requested.  Hard to believe.  :)  I believe the key
was to add:

header('Cache-Control: public');

Any thoughts as to why this is needed for MSIE.


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