>Hi guys,
>Am writing a web based mailclient (obviously with PHP+IMAP),
>In the 'ReplyMail' script, inorder to add the "> " string
>at the beginning of everyline, I used the following code,
>$replymessage = $replymessage.str_replace("\n", "\n> ", 
>htmlspecialchars(trim(imap_body($mbox, $msg))));
>This is giving an output with one additional \n in the TEXTAREA,
>like below

Maybe put the trim() "outside" the str_replace()...

Also be sure you don't have a hard-coded newline in your HTML/PHP source
inside the <TEXTAREA></TEXTAREA> tags.

I also would use htmlentities() rather than htmlspecialchars() personally...
 Probably arguable what's "right"

You may also be the victim of Windoze/Unix/Macintosh newline issues.

Perhaps try:

# Convert Windows to Unix:
$msg = str_replace("\r\n", "\n", $msg);
# Convert Mac to Unix:
$msg = str_replace("\r", "\n", $msg);

before you do the "\n> " part.

You may also wish to consider using textwrap (wraptext?) before you do the
"\n> " part, since some people's mailers will not wrap outgoing text.

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