>I have two list one is listA and the other is listB I would
>like to take the values in listB and compare them with listA if any of
>them match then I what to create a new list listC and put the values
>that match in it. If they do not match I want the values to go into listD.
>I have been messing with this for three days and have not been able to get
>it to work. I have used foreach statements and array_search but what ever
>I try I just can't seam to get it. What I need is something like below.
>Could somebody please help.
>                                 If LISTB MATCHES LISTA     If NO Match
>LISTA             LISTB              Make LISTC              Make LISTD
>test1             test4                 test4                   test1
>test2             test6                 test6                   test2
>test3             test8                 test8                   test3
>test4                                                           test5
>test5                                                           test7
>test6                                                           test9

I think you want these:

$listC = array_intersect($listA, $listB);
$listD = array_difference($listA, $listC);


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