on 29/08/02 8:54 AM, Andy ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I do not agree. First off all (in my case) I do want to send personalized
> e-mails. And even if I cancel this wish.. how about adresses which fail? You
> will never ever find out how many adresses failed by putting them into the
> all in  bcc. And.. isn't there a restriction? What happens if you put 10000
> adresses into the header? I am pretty sure this will fail.

I know of site sending with a lot more than that, although the you talk
about restrictions may be imposed by the host... and their host may be less

> I guess the only really good solution is to let the MTA do the job for ya. I
> just do not know how, but I am positive that this is the best solution
> (since the MTA is made for such things while php is not)

It'll make your host happy too.

It *can* be done with PHP, it's just that every solution is a real messy job
-- nothing is simple.

FWIW, I wish to send personalised emails too, but at the moment can't see
the light.

Justin French

> Andy
> "Justin French" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
>> on 28/08/02 1:38 AM, Raphael Hamzagic ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>>> I'm with a little doubt about the best way to send a mail message to a
> large
>>> mailing list using PHP. I'm not interested  in existing mailing list
>>> managers, or source codes.
>>> I dont know if the best way to send emails is to use a repeat loop with
>>> mail() function, or use some other structure to send emails with
> timeouts
>>> intervals...
>> yes, and yes, providing you want to send personalised emails, which costs
>> huge performance problems and a lkoad on the server... possibly leads to
>> timeouts of the script, timeouts of the browser, etc etc.  Not good!
>> the real easy solution is to send ONE email with everyone in the Bcc
> field.
>> Quick and simple.  Won't piss off your host, won't load the server, etc.
>> Justin

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