Turning off register globals and referencing variables through the new array 
syntax certainly gives a greater degree of control over the origin of data; 
ie: a variable referenced $_POST['foo'] has (most likely) been received as a 
result of http post and it's reasonably safe to assume $_COOKIE['foo'] is a 
value from a cookie etc.  In this example with globals=on $foo could have 
come from anywhere...

The only thing i've found a bit annoying is when a value can be passed 
variously by a form (method=post) or as a query string value appended to a 
link uri.


if (isset($_GET['foo'])) {
  $foo = $_GET['foo']
} elseif (isset($_POST['foo'])) {
  $foo = $_POST['foo']

when I want to use $foo is a bit annoying, but i haven't figured out a more 
elegant way of saying this yet.



That's the way it works in the newer PHP for security reasons.  I had to 
rewrite all my
code about a week ago because my client was using php 4.2 and I had 4.0.  It 
has to do
with the Globals are set to being turned off in the php.ini file.  You 
should be able to
change the php.ini file to globals on, but people will argue that it's a 
security problem
and you should just change all your global varieables to the new way.  It's 
your call.
Hope this helps.


Le Van Thanh wrote:

>- I have installed PHP4.2.2 with Apache 1.3.26 on Solaris7.
>And now I have problems with getting data from form.
>I have 2 pages test.html and welcome.php as following:
><form "userDetails" method="post" action="welcome.php">
>     Enter your Name: <br>
>     <input type="text"  value="" name="name">
>     <input type="submit" value="Enter" name="welcome">
>     print  $name ;
>Then I cannot get the value of input name.
>But if I write " print $_POST['name'];" or " print 
>$HTTP_POST_VARS['name'];", it's ok.
>Is there something wrong when I install PHP?
>Thanks a lot.

Brian Windsor
Giant Studios
Senior Technical Director of Motion Capture

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