>I have installed GD, libpng, zlib, jpeg-6b, and FreeType 2. I now need to
>reconfigure PHP 'with' these additions. I don't understand how to determine
>what directories to point to for each of these 'with' statements. In
>Windows, I would just look for an exe, but under UNIX (Solaris 7) I not sure
>what the comparable file extensions are.
>I used 'pkgadd' command for these install programs:
>used 'make' in:
>and used 'make install' in:
>I didn't specify any special installation instructions for these
>programs/libraries. How can I determine what directories to point the 'with'
>statements to?

Odds are actually pretty good that PHP will just find them...

If not, you can do this in the shell:

whereis freetype

(and similarly for gd and zlib and jpeg)

If that doesn't turn up anything, "locate freetype" might.

You're looking, though, for not *just* one thing, but two things:

Where the freetype.so file ended up.
Where the various freetype.h files ended up.

It's *usually* /usr/local/lib/freetype.so and /usr/local/include/freetype.h

If so, you'd want *JUST* --with-freetype=/usr/local

If you put the "/lib/" in there, PHP can't find the header (freetype.h)
files.  Don't do that.

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