> if($day = $system_day){
>the problem i am experiencing is that it seems the "if" statement is setting
>the $day value to equal $system_day instead of comparing their values....
>if i add

That's because you have only one = sign there.

= by itself does the assignment (setting a value)
== does comparison.

Sometimes, you do *both* an assignment and "test" the "answer" in a single
line like this:

if ($row = mysql_fetch_row($result)){

Here, the = does an "assignment" (sets the value) and then the *VALUE* is
tested to see if there is something there or not.

The = sign is only roughly similar to = in Mathematics.

Or, perhaps it would be better to say that:

= is like "Suppose x = 5.  Then..."
== is like "Is x = 5?"

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