I think mailing list managers like Yahoo, ezmlm, etc all have "features" in
them to suspect bots and programs from subscribing/posting to the groups.  I
know I've had trouble subscribing/posting to groups managed by ezmlm...

Probably there is a header or two that PHP automatically sets which makes
the mailing lists suspicious... or something!! I don't know enough about
email to really come up with an answer!!!

You could try setting some headers similar to what your email client sets,
to see if it's something "missing"... or try sending yourself an email from
a php script and analysing the headers it sets.

It could also be the lack of a return address or something similar that
throws the lists off too.


on 31/08/02 6:32 PM, Akhmad D. Sembiring ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Dear All,
> I have a little problem with mail() function,
> PHP Code:
> --------------------------------------
> mail($email, "Membership ok", $themsg,
> "From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]\r\n");
> "", "", "From: $email\r\n");
> --------------------------------------
> Why does the second mail() function did not ever send the email to
> yahoogroups?
> I wonder, can the mail() function be put in a loop structure (that traverse
> an array of emails) and send all emails successfully?
> Thanks for your advice,
> Daniel
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