Hi everybody,

i wrote a script which will be executed by HREF's. If a command is going to be 
executed by a click on a link the page reloads itself and jumps
in the part of the script, which should be executed.

Normaly I wrote some like this for doing this:

echo '<a href="'.$PHP_SELF.'?action=delete&id='.$arrResult['id'].'" class="text01">';

but now in a very special case i forgot to write $PHP_SELF like this

<a href="?action=delete&id='.$arrResult['id'].'" class="text01">

without knowing that I have forgotten to write this $PHP_SELF thing I clicked on the 
Link and i did execute the Script, like i wanted it to.

Is it normal that it works so fine? Can I use this everytime I link on the same page 
for script execusion?

Can I send Forms via an PHP Function like the submit() statement in Javascript?

Have a nice day, and please answer.

Sascha Braun

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