This would work if the script you wished to call was default.php / index.php
/ etc etc...

what I mean to say is is the same as, as long as your server works that way.

leaving out PHP_SELF will give different results if the script you wish to
call ISN'T the default for that directory.

PHP forms are just HTML forms.  That is to say that once the code gets to
the browser, it's just HTML code.  So once the code is at the browser, it
works just like any other page, where a user (or a javascript program) has
to submit the form.


on 01/09/02 12:08 AM, Sascha Braun ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> i wrote a script which will be executed by HREF's. If a command is going to be
> executed by a click on a link the page reloads itself and jumps
> in the part of the script, which should be executed.
> Normaly I wrote some like this for doing this:
> echo '<a href="'.$PHP_SELF.'?action=delete&id='.$arrResult['id'].'"
> class="text01">';
> but now in a very special case i forgot to write $PHP_SELF like this
> <a href="?action=delete&id='.$arrResult['id'].'" class="text01">
> without knowing that I have forgotten to write this $PHP_SELF thing I clicked
> on the Link and i did execute the Script, like i wanted it to.
> Is it normal that it works so fine? Can I use this everytime I link on the
> same page for script execusion?
> Can I send Forms via an PHP Function like the submit() statement in
> Javascript?
> Have a nice day, and please answer.
> Sascha Braun

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