What about a
str_replace($reserved_words, "<b>$reserved_words</b>",$string);

Tell me.

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"Gregor Jak¹A" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> a écrit dans le message de news:
> Hello, i have array $reserved_words which i want to replace with bold ..
> but when i tried to do str_replace($reserved_words,
> "<b>".$reserved_words."</b>", $string) it showed Array instead of
> <b>word</b>
> if i simply do  str_replace($reserved_words, $reserved_words, $string)
> it shows the words not Array but not in bold ;)
> I know i could use 2 arrays one with bold words one without or i could use
> foreach but i want a simpler solution :)... Any suggestions ?
> thx in advance !

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