HI all...

I'm trying to use "exec" and "unlink" in one of my PHP programs. Here is the 
if (exec ('euro-update.program'))
         $result = mysql_query("load data local infile 'euroAUD1.txt' into
             table Money_AUD") or die ("AUD Load did not work.");
         echo "Didn't work again";
PHP will not allow me to do this because safe_mode is on. I've been trying for 
the past two weeks to turn it off. Nothing I do changes it. I've changed, 
php.ini, SuSE's http config file, I've added paths to my php files, and 

Can someone give me an idea what next to do? Either how to turn off safe_mode 
or a work around on the code. BTW I'm using SuSE 8.0, PHP, and Mysql on a 
self-made PI/233. 

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