Tuesday, September 3, 2002, 3:19:01 PM, you wrote:
JV> Hello, All,

JV> I've given myself two black eyes and a bloody nose on this one, and I'm sure
JV> it's a simple solution. I have a form on the php page "entry.php":

JV> <form name="zForm" action="entry.php" method="POST">
JV> <input type="text" name="txt" value="whatever">
JV> </form>

JV> At the top of that page, I have the PHP code:

JV> <?
JV>     echo "$REQUEST_METHOD";
JV>     //other stuff...

JV> With IE 5.2 on Mac, I submit this form and I see "POST" echoed at the top of
JV> the page.

JV> With IE 5.5 on Windows, I submit this form and I see "GET".

JV> How? Why? What the? I've tried playing with different encoding types and
JV> content-types, and nothing changes the results. I also tried setting my IE
JV> 5.5 security settings to lowest and enabled everything possible. No matter
JV> what I do, I can't POST the form. Can anyone tell me just what in tarnation
JV> is going on here?

JV> Many many thanks...
JV> Jed

what does echo $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] print out?


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