Definately check out the URL Juan posted first to learn how you can easily do
this yourself.. You can also check and look into the "/File
Manipulation/Upload Systems" and "/Form Processors" directorys there for some
pre-written upload scripts.. You can also search google for "php upload
script" and it should give you some decent results..

In answer to your other question, make a .php file with the following line of
code in it, then place it in your web directory on your server and pull it up
in a browser to see all your PHP/server features..

<?php phpinfo(); ?>


Take care.. peace..


"Clemson Chan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> disgorged:

: Hi, I am new to this group.
: I am trying to figure out how to let people to upload image files to my
: website.
: My ISP is using PHP 3 (I believe).
: If someone can give me simple example, that will be great.
: Thanks.
: --Clemson
: How can I tell what version of PHP is running on the system (linux)?

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