Thanks Juan, and other listers,

I have this example,

<TITLE>Figure 7-3</TITLE>
        //check for file upload
                print("Local File: $UploadedFile <BR>\n");
                print("Name: $UploadedFile_name <BR>\n");
                print("Size: $UploadedFile_size <BR>\n");
                print("Type: $UploadedFile_type <BR>\n");
<FORM ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" 
        ACTION="7-3.php" METHOD="post"> 
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="MAX_FILE_SIZE" value="4096000"> 
<INPUT NAME="UploadedFile" TYPE="file"> 
<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Upload"> 


and the result is this after I uploaded a file

Local File: /tmp/phpnYLV2J 
Name: 323lake.jpg 
Size: 48254 
Type: image/pjpeg 

But I couldn't find the uploaded file, nor the /tmp/phpnYLV2J path.
Do I normally do a copy after the upload? 
Can I just change the tmp path and filename when I upload? 


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Hi friend,
And take a look to the User Contributed Notes


At 13:03 03-09-2002 -0700, Clemson Chan wrote:
>Hi, I am new to this group.
>I am trying to figure out how to let people to upload image files to my
>My ISP is using PHP 3 (I believe).
>If someone can give me simple example, that will be great.
>How can I tell what version of PHP is running on the system (linux)?
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