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on 04/09/02 5:26 AM, Eric J Schwinder ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I noticed that you had started a thread regarding bulk e-mail using
> PHP.  I am currently trying to setup a system to extract e-mail
> addresses from a mySQL membership database and send messages to the
> whole list, and was wondering how you're coming along with your
> setup...
> I saw a lot of good ideas out there... what method did you end up
> going with, and how is it working?

I am certain I've said this on the list a few times, but here goes again.
There is always going to be an inherit problem with trying to send multiple
emails via a web interface IF you want to personalise each one.  The reason
for this is that each email has to be generated and qued individually on the
mail server, which eats up server performance dramatically.  Depending on
your server, you will hit a snag somewhere (at 10 people, or 100 people or
500 people, or 10000 people), because either the server or browser will
timeout, or the sysadmin of your host will shut you down for eating up
server processing time.

The solution is to NOT send personalised emails.  Send ONE email with
everyone in the Bcc: field, and it should take maybe 3 seconds to que the
email to 50,000+ people.

Another solution is to move your mailing list to a dedicated ml service
provider (like sparklist), who will send a minimum of 50,000 emails anywhere
you like, personalised, in HTML and plain text, blah blah blah for the
minimum of US$50/month.

Currently I have one client who demands personalised emails.  Luckily, it's
a small list (200 people), and I break the send-out down to batches of 20
emails, split apart by 2 minutes (this could be done manually, or with META
refresh tags, or even javascript).



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