Justin French wrote on Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 11:58:10AM +1000:
> Currently I have one client who demands personalised emails.  Luckily, it's
> a small list (200 people), and I break the send-out down to batches of 20
> emails, split apart by 2 minutes (this could be done manually, or with META
> refresh tags, or even javascript).

And why does the whole process even have to be web based?  Fill out the
form with the data, and submit sort-of a batch job, recieve a report in
your inbox when it exits, c'est la vie.

Also, if using sendmail, you will benefit if you only queue up the mail,
not attempt to deliver it upon submission, and let sendmail deliver it
in a normal queue run.  This way many/all messages destined to the same
mail server will be delivered in one large transaction, not many small
ones.  A small gain, but it adds up.
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