Forgot a step: (1C) make an xslt stylesheet which is basically just a 
beefed-up html page.
Check out
and for info on xslt stlyesheets

Geoff Hankerson wrote:

> Rodrigo Dominguez wrote:
>> I don't know how to work with XML... I know that it's a good standard to
>> pass information between computer or applications, but I don't know 
>> how to
>> separe my data from my presentation on my PHP projects.
>> I always use OOP, I organize all the data in databases and clases, but I
>> always have to put some code on my presentation files, like index.php,
>> viewstock.php, and it will be great if I can organize my projects so the
>> presentation can be handled by any designersm, at this time I always 
>> have to
>> make the changes on the presentation files because I am the one who know
>> about PHP.
>> Can you give some example about how to separate the data from the
>> presentation using XML and databases? Or can you tell me about a project
>> where I can see it?
>> Thank you.
> 1. Convert sql queries into xml (I'm glad to send a copy of my class 
> if you'd like)
>    basically its:
>    A. Loop over query as you normally would
>    B. Loop through each column in a record for a query and make an xml 
> compatible string like:
>        <record>
>                <fieldname> value </fieldname>
>        </record>
> 2. Then just follow the xslt section of the php manual it's pretty 
> straight forward
> Give it a shot, if  you have trouble send specific questions to the 
> list I and quite a few other will be glad to help

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