I have requirement like this... Read a TEXT file that has codes that 
represents Japanese chars in ISO-8859-1 encoding. 
example  "計画対比" I have to read these and convert 
into EUC-JP and write the EUC-JP to a different file.


$fpI = fopen("E:\\input.txt","r");
$fpO = fopen("E:\\output.txt","w+");

while ($data = fgetcsv ($fpI, 1000,  "=")) {
   $num = count ($data);

   $str=mb_convert_encoding ( $data[0],  "EUC-JP",  "auto" .  "\n";
   fputs($fpO, $str);


But this doesnt work. Can u please guide me how to achieve this.

Thankyou in advance,

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