I'm trying to use Pear stuff but don't know if I should post to that list as just a 

I'm lost when it comes to "Auto Building". It has an example of that and I tried 
to do it on a local linux box where I'm root but it failed 

> all to undefined function:  getstaticproperty

and I found something via Google that did not help at all.

It *SEEMS* I have to create a config file for each table. Personally, I admit it, I 
generate that stuff automatically in other languages, I did do the config file to 
represent a database schema but change happens so much that I just did not 
want to bother updating the config file all the time so I just generated it 
dynamically from then on.

Anyhow, I think I know where to put those config files, where I put the path for:


but now do I put one file with all the tables defined by the example given in the 

Or do I create a file for each table?

What do I name these files? I'm lost. I got as far as this:

dataobjects_users Object
    [__table] => user_config
    [_DB_DataObject_version] => 1.0
    [N] => 0
    [_database_dsn] => 
    [_database_dsn_md5] => 
    [_database] => 
    [_condition] => 
    [_group_by] => 
    [_order_by] => 
    [_limit] => 
    [_data_select] => *
    [_link_loaded] => 
    [_lastError] => 


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