>I have tried things like this:
>    php_value WSERVER red2.office.com

I think this is only going to "work" for stuff that's pre-defined in

But I could be very very wrong...

>and this:
>    SetEnv WSERVER red2.office.com

I think this is supposed to work.
Are you sure you are doing it *inside* the various <Whatever ...> parts of
httpd.conf that affect your server?  Or in the "global" scope outside of any
<Whatever ...> directives?

>with and without quotes.  mod_env is loaded.  I can't find the
>variable WSERVER n $GLOBALS or $_ENV of $_GET.

Instead of looking in those varibles, look at the output from:

<?php phpinfo();?>

It might be there, but not where you expected...

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