>I think that it has started recently, when SF upgraded all their system.
>There is an error code that says that it cannot load module 'mm' at line 
>0, or something like that.

'mm' is a memory-mapping library that needs to be compiled into a module for
the OS and/or PHP to use...

I'm not smart enough to tell you if it's a Un*x module missing or a PHP
module missing, though.

If it was a Un*x module, you would need to have SourceForge:
Download mm source.
Compile and install it.
Do 'ldconfig' to make the OS re-load its modules (or whatever their OS uses)
Re-start Apache (I think.)

If it's a PHP Module, they'd need to:
Do all of the above, *and*:
Re-do the ./configure for PHP, using --with-mm or whatever the
--with/--enable bit is as well as all the other stuff they used last time
(see config.nice).
Re-install PHP
Re-start Apache (for sure.)

if they are smarter than I am (okay, it's SourceForge, so we *know* they are
smarter than I am...) they *might* be able to:

Do a ./configure of PHP using *just*:
./configure --with-mm=shared
Take the resulting mm.so from the PHP /lib directory and put it in the
extensions directory set in php.ini and then add
in the extensions section
and re-start Apache without re-compiling all of PHP.

If you get the idea that I only vaguely understand all this crap, you are
correct :-)

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