I spent a LOT of time several moths back trying to figure this one out.  It
worked fine in Outlook Express, but in Outlook, the whole message appeared
on a single line.  It only happened when my client filled out the form from
a Mac, which turned out to be the important clue.

The trick ended up being to remove all the carriage returns from the body of
the email.  Just like you, I played with lots of different mime type
headers, and tried to copy message source headers line by line, tab by tab,
etc.  If was very frustrating.  Don't know why exactly, but my theory was
that if Outlook saw any carriage returns, it displayed it as html formatted,
which made it all show up on one line.

Here's my code (it's in Perl, but you can adjust it to PHP simply), which
simply removes all carriage returns and replaces them with nothing in the
body of the message to be sent.
$FORM{'Message'} =~ s/\r//g;


Peter Janett

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Subject: [PHP] Re: sending email with linefeeds

> Kai Hinkelmann wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > we are sending plain-text-emails from php not using the mail-command
> > but with port-operations. Everything works fine BUT outlook 2000 eats
> > the linefeeds. We tried several things: copying the header from an
> > original (functional) email from outlook, sending with \n or \r\n to
> > seperate header-info and so on... nothing works.
> >
> > All email-clients show the mails correct - outlook 2000 doesn't.
> > Since other mails are shown correct, there MUST be a way, but we
> > don't know, which.
> >
> > Who can help?
> Please paste a generated mail message (including header information), so
> can have a look at it...
> Grtz Erwin
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