On 09/06/2002 12:10 PM, Kai Hinkelmann wrote:
> Hi,
> we are sending plain-text-emails from php not using the mail-command but
> with port-operations. Everything works fine BUT outlook 2000 eats the
> linefeeds. We tried several things: copying the header from an original
> (functional) email from outlook, sending with \n or \r\n to seperate
> header-info and so on... nothing works.
> All email-clients show the mails correct - outlook 2000 doesn't. Since other
> mails are shown correct, there MUST be a way, but we don't know, which.
> Who can help?

You may want to try this class that deals with line feeds properly 
according to the sending method.


It supports sending via mail() or SMTP which work under Windows, and 
sendmail and qmail that work only under Unix/Linux.


Manuel Lemos

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