I'm working with register_globals turned off. I'm setting this session

   if ($nresult) {
      if (mysql_numrows($nresult)) {
         $_SESSION['auth'] = 'TRUE'; } }

And then I'm checking if the cookie is set, but it doesn't work:
   if ($_SESSION['auth'] == 'TRUE') {
      show_menu(); }

Is there any error on my code ? What am I doing wrong ?
I read this on http://www.php.net/release_4_1_0.php:
"Another neat trick is that creating new entries in the $_SESSION array will
automatically register them as session variables, as if you called
session_register(). This trick is limited to the session module only - for
example, setting new entries in $_ENV will *not* perform an implicit

That's what I am not using sessione_register($variable).


Mauricio Cuenca

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