I have a script that allows clients to download their email lists from a
database.  However I can not get the 'new line' characters (\n \r) to do
their job in Notepad when the download is prompted and the file saved to
disk.  I've simplified the problem with the code below.  Both \n and \r
display as 'null' or undefined characters in Notepad.  What am I doing


header("Cache-control: private");
header("Content-type: application/octet-stream");
header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=TEST.txt");
echo $file;

They're undefined characters. Notepad has this whole silly Windoze thing
going on requiring a carriage return-linefeed at the end of each line you
wish break. So you will either need to do \r\n or chr(13) chr(10) at each
place you want a break (or a ^m). This happens to be an anomaly with
Notepad, which unlike popular belief is not really a text editor, it just
plays one on TV. Open your file in WordPAd, and prepare to be amazed.



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