Dear All

I have recently downloaded a calendar from CST (which is no longer
supported ) and I have made a few changes to the script.

The calendar will be used to see when something is booked and you can assign
messages to it as well which the general user cannot see. In this respects I
have created 2 pages - welcome .php for the general viewer and admin_welcome
for the updating of the calendar.

What I would like to do is to be able to enter multiple dates in at the same
time - either saying from a start date for so many days or from a start date
to an end date.

After spending hours looking at the code and in this forum I cannot seem to
get it right - basically I cannot do it.

I was wondering if someone could have a look and tell me where I am going

I have attached the files to this email along with the mySQL table file in
case another column needs to be added.

You can see the script running at for the general view and for the admin side.

Any help would be appreciated


P.S. if any one also knows how to get it to display a 2 or 3 months at a
time or even a year this would also be a bonus as I have tried to do this as

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