Looks good if your keen to shear the code we could have a tinkle with it and
see if we can work it out.


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Subject: [PHP] Enhancement of script

> Dear All
> I have recently downloaded a calendar from CST (which is no longer
> supported ) and I have made a few changes to the script.
> The calendar will be used to see when something is booked and you can
> messages to it as well which the general user cannot see. In this respects
> have created 2 pages - welcome .php for the general viewer and
> for the updating of the calendar.
> What I would like to do is to be able to enter multiple dates in at the
> time - either saying from a start date for so many days or from a start
> to an end date.
> After spending hours looking at the code and in this forum I cannot seem
> get it right - basically I cannot do it.
> I was wondering if someone could have a look and tell me where I am going
> wrong.
> I have attached the files to this email along with the mySQL table file in
> case another column needs to be added.
> You can see the script running at
> www.matrix-hosting.co.uk/prestige/welcome.php for the general view and
> www.matrix-hosting.co.uk/prestige/admin_welcome.php for the admin side.
> Any help would be appreciated
> Ray
> P.S. if any one also knows how to get it to display a 2 or 3 months at a
> time or even a year this would also be a bonus as I have tried to do this
> well.


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