You have be a little clearer.  What do you want to return on true?

a) the card number appears to be numerically valid
b) the card has enough credit left on it to place the order

I'll assume A.

You need to decide what cards are going to be accepted, and look for a class
or set of functions which validate that number as numerically valid, given a
certain TYPE of card.  Ie, VISA's numeric specs for a valid looking card
number, will be different to others.

I'm pretty sure I've seen a class on


on 08/09/02 7:03 AM, Jeff Lewis ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I know it's been posted here several times and I've looked through the
> archives but I just need something very simple for this. I have a form that
> already takes in user information but now before accepting the information,
> I'd like to pass the credit card information to a function and return true or
> false.
> Is anyone using something like this that is simple?
> Jeff

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